International Symposium on
Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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    The New Approaches in the Management and Modeling
    of Water Resources and Water Ecosystems in Drylands

    The rational use and conservation of water resources is one of the crucial issues in the new millennium.  Water is one of the three significant strategic resources in the XXI century. Stepping into the new millennium, humanity has brought in new demands for the use of fresh water. However, the global changes of environment and the rapid development of world economy have exposed a variety of new issues related to the satisfaction of daily growing fresh water demand as well as the conservation of the ecological condition of fresh water.

    Thus, in this millennium new methods and techniques of calculation for the re-registration, re-evaluation, management and ecological risk evaluation should be developed.

    Please send your abstracts and questions to Dr. Trahel Vardanian

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    Please note - the deadline for submitting your abstract is October 15 , 2006.

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Dr. Trahel Vardanian
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Geography
Yerevan State University,
1, Alek Manoukian Street, Yerevan,
375025, Republic of Armenia

Christina Hakopian
Department of Physical Geography,
Yerevan State University,
Republic of Armenia


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International Scientific-Research Centre on Water, Climate and Recreational Resources

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