International Symposium on
Drylands Ecology and Human Security

Dear colleagues,

Some of you still have obviously not understood the message that we have spread over and over again on our website and recently each and every document we have mailed to you.  This certainly proofs once again that a lot has gone wrong in the past and that some of you seem to have an attitude "that you only attend a conference" when being paid for, without even the smallest intention of some personal endeavor.

So in contrast to what is what is normally happening in the GCC and Arab world, you may have noticed that ISDEHS is a "real scientific international conference" and absolutely nobody will be funded – not even our keynote speakers or session convenors. Interested scientists have to make their own effort to search for funding.
Thus we will assure that our audience is serious and that participants do not waste their time flying half way around the world to find – sorry to say - the typical "no show" situation. The paradox is that instead of playing an active part and being "physically available" during events, sponsored participants often used the opportunity merely to follow a private agenda or take their family on vacation. We have witnessed this attitude over and over again at numerous international conferences and want to make sure that all our participants understand that ISDEHS will not tolerate this type of unfair, unscholarly and unethical behavior!

In other words, ISDEHS will be an internationally recognized event that is aiming at scientific excellence and will not follow those bad examples of previous conferences in the region – in other words we will not "buy" scientific participation and contributions, but want to provide an honest platform of exchange for those that made an individual effort. As experts in development policy we know that only this is sustainable, nothing else will have an impact! (and by looking at the AHDR you may understand the reasoning as well)

And yes – our new approach is already having an impact and more than 250 contributions (32% Arab) from 43 different countries, a waiting list of keynote speakers, a huge team of volunteer session convenors from around the world and ISDEHS 2007 (most likely in Doha) already on the way is enough evidence that there is those that take the issue of drylands ecology and human security very serious.

We will set new standards for the region by imposing a "no show policy" and showing people that even a low budget event can have a bigger impact than they have ever imagined. It is not and will not ever be in NDRDs ideology to waste funds while millions of people are out there in the drylands seriously impoverished and with their human security being inevitably at risk. Of course we will not try to serve you the typical meal of a rural family in e.g. Niger or Mali  to proof our point and to enlighten you about the suffering that some people go through, but we will make sure that the sponsoring we receive will not be wasted into “perverted” prestigious nonsense.

 It is the little things that count, just like putting each and every abstract on the web in HTML and as a downloadable PDF file so that they can "be googled" and have their work seen by the rest of the world. We will also make sure that the "worthwhile" proceedings will be published (properly peer-reviewed by our Scientific Committee and with an ISBN!), since it is important for some colleagues and we certainly want to fight against racism and misconceptions, thus also having a political agenda with our multicultural team.

In other words everything you see so far has been done by the relentless team effort, sacrificing weekends, evenings, etc. to "make this step towards a difference".

For those that still do not understand:

We are all working pro bono (free of charge), searching also for our own funding or paying from our own savings and hence making this event possible. Some colleagues from developing countries even made an effort to help their counterparts by successfully contacting potential sponsors!
It makes us certainly feel very sad that some of our colleagues out there seem to disrespect such efforts and torture us over and over again with outrageously
demanding requests. However that shows that they have never done anything on a volunteer basis to help a common cause – otherwise a certain appreciation would be there.

For example we answered each and every e-mail from colleagues around the world, to make them feel respected, even if they cannot afford to attend. So our motto is "mutual respect and a humanitarian approach", instead of making money and commercializing science. Certainly we are now trying to attract sponsors to try to help a few colleagues from extremely poor countries that have impressed us with outstanding scientific excellence. Be reminded that we have colleagues that have a desk, a chair, no PC, no Internet connection and certainly no power to conduct their research – those will be the ones that we are targeting! (Sudan, Niger, Yemen, etc. – from LDCs )

Therefore we appeal to you that if you are not from this target group, in other words from a "least developed country" to not apply for being considered for funding and start making an effort by yourself, in other words to write and apply to the well known sources.
"Yes" that takes a little time, we know - because we all did it ourselves!

By filling this form we understand that you are fully aware that we will (if in case we will attract funding sources),will pay for the lowest budget flight option, the visa fees and wave your registration. You still have to make a personal effort to find your own lodging.

The previously stated amount of your roundtrip airfare, visa fees will be reimbursed to you in Dubai after your full attendance of the event.
Finally we would like to remind you that if you are applying for our partial sponsoring while you are already receiving the amount from your institution to make “extra cash” for yourself, we consider this as serious fraud and will remind you that you are depriving an honest fellow colleague of being able to receive our help.

Please remember that we will not answer any requests that are not eligible!

Conference was in the past!











icon_iTravel Support

As our funds are extremely limited, ISDEHS 2006 does not offer any travel support. We strongly encourage anyone interested in attending to begin now to look for your own funding.

However we will do our best to be able to offer a partial support to a limited number of participants from developing economies that would otherwise not be able to attend this event (therefore not GCC nationals).
Candidates must show an outstanding scientific contribution to the Scientific Committee and will need an Abstract ID   to apply for funding.  The best contributions will be selected!

The online application form will be available shortly!

Please do not contact us about funding, since you need to submit your abstract and apply online just like everyone else!
You will not receive an answer to such mails, since they are disturbing our attempt to be as efficient as possible!
















If you do not have an Abstract ID, you cannot apply!

Final deadline for submitting abstracts is October 15th (24:00 EST)


If you have submitted an abstract and do not know your abstract ID, then please find your title and the corresponding Abstract ID on our list


If you are not capable of figuring out, if you are from either a LDC or ACP country, than your political sensitivity or your ability to use Google is obviously not that good and we thus cannot regard you as being an outstanding scholar!


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Please do not enter your name!

We here at “base camp” know from your abstract ID who you are, but those that will select do not have this information.