International Symposium on
Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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    International Conventions and Resource Mobilization
    for Land Degradation Control

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    Land degradation, most of the times, is a localized problem that draws the international interest. The impacts and losses caused by land degradation are striking as millions hectare of productive land worldwide have been destroyed and many of these hectares cannot be reclaimed. The danger of land degradation would be exaggerated when compare the rate of arable land that has been taken out of production with population growth rate. The developing countries, characterized by high population growth rate and high rate of land degradation, have many urgent issues and the majority of these countries do not place land degradation as a priority. The developing countries consider fund and building capacity are the issues that form the big hurdles in combating land degradation. In this respect, the international society represented by international organizations, specifically the UN organizations and conventions are the major possible supporters for developing countries to overcome the land degradation problems through resource mobilization. Nevertheless, the development partners, international donors and specialized UN organizations seem to be missing the right button to inaugurate the practical process of combating land degradation and to translate documents and theories into actions.


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Dr. Alladeen M. A. Al-Sharjabi
Senior Forests Specialist
General Directorate of Forests & Desertification
Ministry Of Agriculture and Irrigation

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