International Symposium on
Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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The Strategy of Integrated Management of Water Resources
for Transboundary River Basin of Central Asia

Inom Normatov

Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology, Academy of Sciences, of Republic of Tajikistan


Strategy, a conception of integrated management of water resources, must create reliable basis for providing rational and effective use of water resources with maximum possible profit to all consumers with minimum negative influence on environment. It must determine the main principles, which are secured achievement of three purposes:

  • economical development;
  • social development;
  • protection of environment

It is considered that the sub-basin of the Vakhsh River which despite being exclusive in national boundaries can take part in all international collaboration processes on united basin of transboundary the Amudariya River and all Central Asia in general.

From this point of view the strategy of integrated management of water resources of the sub-basin the Vakhsh River foresees:

  • Development of international collaboration, first of all with Central Asian countries on the basis of complex use of hydro resources;
  • Mutual co-ordinated interaction on regulating the Amudariya River basin source with certain reservoirs and creation of water stock resources by building a number of reservoirs for providing the entire Amudariya River basin region with water resources and for supporting the ecological balance of the Aral Sea.