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Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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Pollutants Effects on the Surface Water Quality

A. Khodadadi1*, G.R. Nabi-Bidhendi1, A. Torabian1 and A.K. Darban2

1Environmental Engineering, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

2Environmental Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


With Iran as a water scarce country, with a mean annual rainfall of below 250 mm, the use of water is critical to the development of the country’s industry. However, due to past exploitation, and the increasing demand for water, the regulation of water resources is essential.
The Karoon River is one of most important rivers in the south of Iran which accepts various wastewaters from a wide range of sources from municipal to industrial. Hence analyzing the effects of pollutants on the water quality of the Karoon River is inevitable.
This paper describes the application of a numerical hydrodynamic and water quality model to the Karoon River system, with special attention to the portion of the river which is close to city. The water quality portion of the model is recalibrated with respect to the field data provided by EPO (Environmental Protection Organization) and WRM (Water Resources Management) of Iran. The input data of point and non point sources are also estimated. The model simulates the concentrations of various forms of nutrients, CBOD and dissolved oxygen.

Keywords: Water quality simulation; Minimum instream flow; Model calibration; Karoon River; Dissolved oxygen