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Effect of Polymulch Techniques on Chick Pea and Wheat Production in Dry Land Agriculture of Bangladesh


M. A. Salam &  M. R. Islam

Agronomy Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Presenting Author: Dr. M. A. Salam


Drought tolerance characters were studies of six varieties/ lines of wheat (Shatabdi, Kanchan, BAW 969, BAW 56, BAW 944 and Agrani) under 3 moisture regimes (80, 55 and 30% field capacity) in pot culture. Their growth yield performance was also evaluated in the dry land areas (Barind region) of Bangladesh under varied soil moisture condition (rainfed, irrigated and polymulch condition. The data on leaf osmotic potential, relative leaf water content measured in pot experiment resulted that the Shatabdi contained the highest amount of RWC (96.6 %) under 80 % FC treatment whereas the minimum RWC (74.5) under 30 % FC treatment and it was statistically similar to Kancha. Genotype Shatabdi and Kanchan showed significantly more negative value on leaf osmotic potential (Shatabdi =-25.0.10 bar, Kanchan =-24.5 bar) under 30% FC which were statistically similar to BAW-969 and BAW-56. The genotypes Agrani and BAW-944 showed less negative leaf osmotic potential under 30 % FC treatment and they did not show any significant differences on that character under same treatment. The 2nd year experiment confirmed that genotypes Shatabdi and Kanchan similar results obtained in the 1st year. According to Leaf osmotic potential and RWC data Shatabdi and Kanchan were considered as drought tolerant, BAW 969 and BAW 56 as moderately tolerant and the rest two were as susceptible. In the cultivation practice of those varieties under irrigation, the use of polythene mulch in inter row space and "no mulch plus no irrigation", the use of poly mulch was found very effective to retain more soil moisture and released slowly to plant root zone resulting in optimum plant growth and yield where as in the no mulch+ no irrigation only the tolerant varieties Shatabdi and Kanchan gave optimum grain yield.

Keywords: Wheat, drought tolerance, Leaf water parameters, yield components, mulch