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Investigation of Two Mulch Techniques with Planting Before & After Spraying Mulch:
Tools for Dune Fixation in Biahi - Chenali area, Hormozgan Province, Iran

M. Akbarian* & M. Mosavi

Department of Natural Resources, Hormozgan, Iran


Dune fixation is a tool to support economic and social projects in eastern Hormozgan province.
Mulching with planting before & after spraying mulch is the most common method used in dune fixation & combating desertification projects in this area. By having data & information of the years 2003 (planting before spraying mulch) and 2004 (planting after spraying mulch) dune fixation project, 125 hectares with 25000 seedling of Prosopis juliflora species were campared in Biahi – Chenali area.
Accordingly, in the "planting before spraying mulch" method, 24% of seedlings were "affected and damaged" between the planting and spraying mulch time, due to wind erosion and unstable sand dunes. In the "planting after spraying mulch" method, all of them survived. However in regard to the growing aspect, both two methods produced equal results.

Keywords: Mulch spraying, Combating desertification, Planting, Prosopis juliflora, Biahi - Chenali, Dune fixation