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Contribution to Study the Comparison of Vulnerability of Hydraulic Basins in Morocco to Impacts of Climate Change

H. Salama1, M. Chafi2 & M. Tahiri1

1 Faculté des Sciences, Université Hassan II, Casablanca. Morocco

2 Ecole Supérieure de Technologie, Casablanca, Morocco


Several reports tend to highlight a secular evolution of the climate towards a reheating associated with a reduction in precipitations on the Mediterranean area. The study of climatic projections made for Morocco by using MAGICC/SCENGEN modeling system provided by the IPCC revealed a tendency to the average reduction of the annual volume of precipitations of about 4%, compared to the year 2000.
Uncertainties remain certainly, but these uncertainties should not be taken as a pretext of not anticipating a serious diagnosis of the inventory of fixtures, especially for a developing country such Morocco, whose motor activities are related to water. The study of the vulnerability with respect to the possible impacts of the climatic changes is thus a priority phase, and is even necessary for a better management and a good concretization of the action plans, given the fact that it defines the sets of priorities and by consequence can anticipate any imbalance in the traced total orientations.

In this work we tried to compare the vulnerability of the Moroccan hydraulic basins with respect to the possible impacts of the climatic changes through the comparison of the vulnerability of the uses of water in these basins.
Through the present study, we could note that the uses of water have different sensitivities according to the basin; and while fixing a use we could identify the basin most vulnerable through the connection of this use to the water resources, and of his importance in the economy of the basin.