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Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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Desertification Trend in Yazd Province and its Mitigation Options -
Case Study of the Industrial Area of Meybod

Ali Fathzadeh*, Fatemeh Fallah Yakhdani, S. Hassan Sadoogh, Farzin Naseri

*University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran


The industrial area of Meybod is located in the middle part of Yazd-Ardakan plain and a major part of regional industries have located in this area. The annual average precipitation is less than 70 mm and the climate is cold hyper arid. Annually about 10 to 35 tones of agricultural fertile soils are eroded by wind in this region, which provides more than 250 gr of dust in each square meter of Yazd city.
In order to identify the trend of desertification in this region the related hydro-climatic, anthropogenic, geologic and geomorphologic and vegetation cover factors were analyzed. The results showed that the desertification process of this region is controlled by tectonic, geomorphologic and climatic factors. However in recent years climate change and human activities, e. g. land use change and exploitation of groundwater resources, have accelerated this phenomenon.
Furthermore, the results of current study showed that distribution pattern of industrial manufacturing units in the region is not appropriate and the most suitable area for industrial development is epandage area of the plain (along Nodoushan road).

Keywords: Desertification, Drylands development, Climate change, Vegetation cover, Geology, Wind erosion, Industrial area of Meybod, Iran