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Investigation the Effects of Different Planting Methods on Field Establishment,
Early and Total Yield of Watermelon

Peiman Jafari

Isfahan Agricultural Research Center, Isfahan, Iran


Early yield is one of the major interests for many of the vegetable producers. In this way and in order to evaluate different planting methods of Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus), (using raw seeds, germinated seeds and transplants) in different planting dates, this study was conducted in Varamin research center with a split plot experimental design. Results showed that the field establishment from germinated seeds was more rapid than from raw seeds, and difference were greater when soil temperatures ranged from less than the optimum (21.3 to 35.3 °C) to slightly less than the minimum (15.7 C) for watermelon seed germination. Planting methods did not influence total yield, but germinated seeds and transplants enhanced early yield in second year of this study.

Keywords: Watermelon, Planting method, Field establishment