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Study the use of Plastic Mulch to Increase (WUE) in Cantaloupe

Peiman Jafari

Isfahan Agricultural Research Center, Isfahan, Iran


The present study with the objective of increasing water use efficiency and production of cantaloupe was conducted in Varamin during two years with a split plot factorial design (based on RCBD) with the main factor in two levels, with and without using of plastic mulch in furrow irrigations and sub factors were two between row space (1.5 & 2 meters) and three different plant space on rows (25, 50 & 75 cm) which together in form of factorial were put in six sub plots. Length of rows was 4.5 m and each plot consisting of two planting rows.
The volume of water irrigation in mulched and unmulched plots was 2000 and 3500 m3 with 7 and 13 times of irrigations respectively. Results of this study showed that the use of plastic mulch in furrow irrigations increased WUE (Water use efficiency) significantly and also caused better control of weeds but didn’t have any significant effect on yield. Effect of plant space on rows was significant on yield and WUE in level of 1%.Between row space didn’t have significant effects on yield and WUE. Classifying of mean yields among treatments showed that the highest WUE (7.05 kg/m3) resulted in mulched plots with 50 cm plant space on rows.

Keywords: Cantaloupe, Polyethylene mulch, WUE