International Symposium on
Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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Desert & Development:
Strategy for Future Development in Sindh

Karim Bux Mangi

Program Officer, Monitoring Evaluation & Research
Indus Development Foundation (IDF)


In the recent past there have been efforts of improving livelihood of the people especially in dry lands and deserts in the various parts of world. Since 2006 has been marked as the year of ‘Desert & Desertification’ and looking at that new efforts which are in offing a paper will be written (of which this is the abstract) which will discuss various new methods  implementing the programs for the future challenges and sustainable use of natural resources in the dry areas. According to one estimate, about 80 million people are affected annually. There is severe deterioration of environmental and ecological conditions. The Vegetative cover is drastically vanishing; wind and water erosion is taking place and soil fertility is degrading. Looking at the above deterioration new options to improve the livelihoods, reducing poverty, increasing issues of biodiversity have to be taken into consideration. New programs of poverty alleviation have to be introduced. The rangelands, live stock development and appropriate technology have to be developed in the semi-arid areas involving more human activities.
The Sindh, southern province of Pakistan, is facing the big problem of desertification, deforestation and degradation of various factors contributing the economy. The main reason is scant rain, which has created complete a drought conditions. These need to be addressed fully. The cycle of the rain is seriously disturbing one.
The paper would suggest some of the above issues in the province of Sindh compared with other such experiences in China, Arab world and Africa. It would suggest (a) solutions & paths towards poverty alleviation (b) encourage development rangelands & development of livestock (c) ensure development of local resources (d) solutions for sustainable development.