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Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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Desertification and Natural Resources Conservation: Approaches for Implementing Actions Programs in Souss Massa-Dra Région Watershed,
South of Morocco

Ibrahim Jaafar1, Meriem Bollata1 & Ali Boumezzough2
1 Department of Environment, Rabat Agdal, Morocco
Tel: +2123768-05-08, Fax: +21237-68-16-41
e-mails: and

2 Univesity Cadi Ayad, Faculty of Sciences, Marrakech, Morocco


In Morocco, desertification has come about as a result of population growth, deforestation, high incidence of bushfires and inappropriate land use practices such as the slush and burn practices of agriculture.
It is for these reasons that Ministry of Territory Planning Environment and Water has elaborate a strategy and many program’s to combat the desertification. National Action Programs are one of the key instruments in the implementation of projects.
This National Action Programs are developed in the framework of participative approach involving Private sector, civil society, non governmental organisms and community based organizations and they spell out the practical steps and measures to be taken to combat desertification in specific ecosystem for example in Souss-Massa watershed.
So, in developing sustainable management of natural resources in Souss-Massa and Dra watershed we adopted a multi dimensional approach to implement our project:
Institutional partnerships with local government agencies, NGOs, the private sector and community groups.
Capacity building; a core element of our approach was to create long-term, sustainable natural resources management practices in pilot watershed.
Dissemination of best practices, in implementing this activity we had seize every opportunity to disseminate and initiate replication of best practices developed and tested in other watershed.

Keywords: UNCCD, Morocco, Desertification, Capacity Building