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Investigation on the Perception of the Agricultural Extension and Education Staff about Team Effectiveness in Tehran City, Iran

Mohammad Chizari & Shadi Kafaie Lotfi

Agricultural Extension & Education Department, College of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran
Corresponding Author: Head of Agricultural Extension & Education Department, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Chizari
phone:  011-98-21-2589847   e-mail:


This study has examined the perception of agricultural extension and education staff about team approach. People who participated in this study were agricultural extension and education staff in Tehran, city, Iran in year 2004. Respondents were selected through stratified random sampling technique. The results of the study indicated that respondents approximately male and were on average 37 years of age. Majority of them had bachelor’s degree and had on average 12 years of working experience. Respondents are strongly agreed with identifying objectives clearly and appropriate leadership is the most important factors, which influence team-working effectiveness. Factors such as setting values, clarifying objectives, provide a model; identifying member’s strengths make an effective team leader. There is not any significant relationship between genders; working experience and perception toward factors make a team effective.