International Symposium on
Drylands Ecology and Human Security

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Sustainable Rangeland Resource Management in the Semi-arid Communal Areas of Zimbabwe: The Need for Innovation


Fushai, F.

Midlands State University, Faculty of Natural Resources Management and Agriculture
Department of Livestock and Wildlife Management, Zimbabwe



Rangeland degradation is evident in the semi-arid communal areas of Zimbabwe. This is largely attributed to improper grazing management resulting largely from agro-ecologically inappropriate farming systems. There is need to institute innovative land reforms and rural development programs that facilitate land use options that broaden the economic activities and incomes of communities, thus reducing the exploitative use of the rangelands. The current land redistribution program presents immense opportunities, and indeed challenges, to this objective. In the long run however, sustainable use should hinge on a holistic approach that recognizes that land is a finite resource. Sustainable land use must be tied to economic development in non-agricultural sectors in order to alleviate the human population pressure on the resource.

Keywords: Land use, rangelands, innovative land reform, sustainable utilization, holistic approach to development, semi-arid, Zimbabwe